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Everyone loves to bowl! It's a great way to get them active while you relax! Come in and check out what we have to offer!

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Did You Know?

Bowling is not only North America’s, but Canada’s #1 participation activity with over 68 million people bowling each year. Bowling is a favorite with children/kids ages 5-18 with over 40% of that age group bowling at least once per year.

Our youth bowling coaches will teach your child the basics of bowling, a lifetime sport that provides over 3 million dollars per year in scholarship money to graduating seniors. The best part of many bowling scholarships is that they are based mostly on participation and not solely on talent. BEST OF ALL—NO ONE RIDES THE BENCH IN BOWLING!

T-Birds school & day care fieldtrips

We host many school field trips each year at T-Birds. Kids love our Glow Bowling party packages. If you are looking for a great field trip idea for your school, look no further than T-Birds. Daycares, Schools and Homeschool teachers love having their group outings with us. We have plenty of lightweight bowling balls, bowling ramps, small bowling shoes and bumpers for all of the students.

We have lane rental rates of 1hour, 1.5 hours & 2 hours. Schools love our all inclusive “No Brainer” or Family Fun packages! See the Specials page for pricing. Book online and save $ on your next school trip. Use this handy Team Worksheet to help form your teams before your outing

Call T-Birds To Reserve Your Outing:

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 2140 Currie Blvd.
Brandon, MB

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