2021/2022 Adult League Pre-Payment Options

For the upcoming 2021/2022 we will be offering 2 new options for pre-payment to allow you to pay via debit or credit card for your league fees at the start of the year

Single League Membership ~ pre-purchase a spot on your team for the season + get $30 bonus cash on your loyal patron league card

Restricted League Membership ~ pre-purchase a personal membership that allows you to play in as many leagues + spare in other leagues


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I buy a Single League Membership and I need someone to spare for me do they have to pay?
A: No, they do not as you purchased a spot on your team for the specific league you play in

Q: If I buy a Restricted League Membership and I need someone to spare for me do they have to pay?
A: Yes, you purchased the membership for yourself for all leagues and it isn't transferable

Q: How do you calculate the cost of the Single League Membership?
A: Cost per week X # of weeks league plays = Total Price -- ie: Wednesday Mens: $16.50 ($15.71+GST) X 27 weeks = $445.50

Q: What happens if the season gets cut short and I have pre-paid for a membership I can't use?
A: You will get a pro-rated credit based on the number of weeks remaining for the upcoming season or you can request a refund for the number of weeks remaining

Q: Can I do a partial pre-payment?
A: Not at this time

Q: Some of the leagues vary in prices from day to evening - can I use my Restricted League Membership for any league regardless of the bowling fee cost per week?
A: Yes, your Restricted League Membership is valid for any league at any time, and both 5 & 10 Pin

Q: Why offer pre-payment options?
A: To allow our bowlers the opportunity to pay via debit or credit as those options aren't available when just paying weekly plus to allow for "perks" to help offset the increase in bowling fees

Q: Will you ever offer pre-payment of prize money?
A: We are testing the pre-payment of weekly prize money this season with 1 league and will keep you posted on the success in regards to the upcoming season

Q: How does pre-bowling work when I have purchased a Single League Membership or Restricted League Membership?
A: In both cases, you come in and pre-bowl as you did before for the league that you are looking to pre-bowl for but now you will only need to include the prize money in the envelope

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